Recent investment market performance

January 30, 2017
Graham Duston talks about recent investment market performance.... Read more

The benefit of diversification as you’ve never seen it

January 18, 2016
The topic of diversification has been described in many ways. One of our favourites is “protection from ignorance”. Another is the famous “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” But to truly get to the heart of why investors should diversify, it’s helpful to illustrate the benefit.... Read more

Ten Reasons to be Cheerful

April 7, 2016
Do you ever listen to the news and find yourself thinking that the world has gone to the dogs? The rollcall of depressing headlines seems endless. But look beyond what the media calls news and there also are a lot of things going right.... Read more

The US elections and your portfolio

November 15, 2016
We’ve all now heard the result of the election. Given the polls just before election-day, the outcome was a surprise, to say the least. The result has been compared to Brexit, which was one that was similarly surprising.... Read more

Portfolio rebalancing

April 12, 2017
Graham Duston talks through information on portfolio rebalancing... Read more

Social responsible investing

April 20, 2017
Graham Duston discusses our investment policy concerning cluster bombs, land mines, nuclear weapons and tobacco companies... Read more