Australasian Equity Portfolio



Fund Manager

Funds Administration New Zealand Limited (FANZ)


Fund Manager Profile

FANZ is an independent fund manager, and is the Manager of the Lifestages Investment Funds. FANZ is a subsidiary of the Southland Building Society (SBS), New Zealand’s largest building society. SBS has been in operation since 1869 and is a registered bank. FANZ operates a multi-manager, multi-style investment approach across a variety of asset classes and sectors.


Investment Description

The Lifestages Australasian Equity Portfolio invests primarily in New Zealand and Australian shares.


Portfolio Objectives

The Portfolio's objective is to achieve capital growth and returns over the long-term. Its investment objective is to earn a gross return in excess of the official cash rate plus 4% measured over a rolling three year period.


Benchmark Asset Allocation


Benchmark Asset Allocation
 New Zealand SharesAustralian SharesCash
Pie Data


30 5



It is the Manager's current policy not to pay distributions but instead have any income reflected in the unit price. This policy may change from time to time.


Currency Hedging Policy

Any Australian equity exposure is not hedged back to the New Zealand dollar. This policy may change in the future.


Taxation Policy

Currently taxed as a Portfolio Investment Entity.


Other Details

Annual management fee 1.25% plus GST of 0.01875% p.a. of the gross asset value. Trustee fee of up to 0.1% plus GST of 0.01125% p.a. of gross asset value; No entry fees; No exit fees; Minimum investment $500; Minimum regular contributions $100 per month.


Current Managers

Cash: SBS

New Zealand Equities: Harbour Asset Management

Australian Equities: BlackRock Investment Management



This information is intended as introductory information and should be read in conjunction with the Product Disclosure Statement for the Lifestages Investment Funds which can be obtained by contacting the manager on 0800 502 442. This information is of general nature only and has not been prepared with regard to the needs of any investor. Investors should be aware that future performance may not reflect results and the performance of the fund, repayment of any capital or any particular rate of return are not guaranteed. Details are current as at the date of preparation (1 October 2012) and are subject to change.