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Before you get started

  • You need to be 18 or over. If you are under 18, you or your guardian(s) will need to complete the paper-based form and your guardian(s) will be required to sign the application and provide their identity documents.  Contact us at if you require assistance.
  • You will need your IRD number. You can find it on your payslip or by contacting the Inland Revenue Department.
  • You must read the current Lifestages KiwiSaver Product Disclosure Statement dated 30 September 2021 for information about the objectives and characteristics of the Lifestage​s KiwiSaver Scheme including the various investment options, how you can make changes to your selected investment option(s), and the fees that may apply.  You must download the Product Disclosure Statement at the bottom of this page before starting this application.
  • If you are already a Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme member, you can change your investment profile at any time here.
  • This application requires you to select your investment profile.  You can work out your investment risk preference before you start by using our risk profile questionnaire here.
  • We will need to verify your proof of address and identification before we process your application.  Please have your identification documents, such as your drivers licence or passport at hand.  Alternatively, you can skip this for now and and we can contact you later to verify your proof of address and identification​.
  • Your draft application will be held in our system for seven days.


What happens after you complete the application form?

We will be in contact with you if we need further information to process your application.  This may include verifying your proof of address and identification.

You will be automatically set up with online access so that you can see your investment balance and other information about your Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme investment.  We will set you up with an online access profile and temporary password and will be in touch with you to help you complete the online access steps.

You can join KiwiSaver if you’re both:

  • a New Zealand citizen, or entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely; and
  • you live or normally live in New Zealand.

You cannot join KiwiSaver if you have a temporary, visitor, work or student visa.

You have to download the Product Disclosure Statement before you can start
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Member's details

Your service provider

Which AndCo Advisor referred you to Lifestages​ KiwiSaver?​​

My tax information

Not sure what to select?  

If in either of the last two tax years:

(a) your taxable income was $14,000 or less; AND
(b) your total income (PIE + taxable income) was $48,000 or less;

Your PIR is 10.5%

If in either of the last two tax years:

(a) your taxable income was $48,000 or less; AND
(b) your total income (PIE + taxable income) was $70,000 or less;

Your PIR is 17.5%

In all other cases:

Your PIR is 28%

Transfer from another scheme (if applicable)

​Are you transferring from another KiwiSaver scheme?

If you already have an existing KiwiSaver Scheme, we will transfer your investment balance into the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme. You do not have to do anything else - we will take care of this for you.​ Transfers can take up to two weeks.

Please continue your application.

We can check for you. You can continue with the application.

​Are you transferring from another superannuation scheme?

If you’re already in another superannuation scheme, it’s important you talk to your employer before joining KiwiSaver. Joining KiwiSaver may affect the contributions you and your employer make to your existing superannuation scheme. For example, it might mean that you’re required to contribute to both KiwiSaver and your existing superannuation scheme. You can continue with you application if you wish.

If you would like to transfer funds from an Australian Superannuation Scheme, you can do this once your account in the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme is established. You do not have to do anything now. You can refer to our website for more information on Australian superannuation transfers later.

Please continue your application.

Please continue your application.

Contribution details

Employment status

You can continue with the application. As a self-employed KiwiSaver member, you can make voluntary contributions to your Lifestages KiwiSaver scheme.
You can make voluntary contributions to your Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme.

Voluntary contribution(s) (if applicable)

Will you make voluntary contributions into your Lifestages KiwiSaver scheme?

I (or a third party on my behalf) will make:

You can make regular voluntary contributions by making direct debit payments. Once you have completed this application, we will be in touch with you to set up the direct debit.

You can make a one off payment now and any time in the future by making an electronic transfer payment. Once you have completed this application, we will be in touch with you to provide you information about how to make this payment.

Please continue your application.

Purpose of investment

Primary purpose for the investment

How do you intend to transact on this account?

Note that this information is requested solely in relation to our AML/CFT Act obligations and is not used to address the suitability of your product selection or to provide financial advice.

Please note that we are required to take additional steps to verify your identity. Our customer service team will be in contact with you once you have completed this application

Select your investment profile

  1. Please choose which fund you would like to invest in, nominate a combination of both funds OR select the Lifestages Auto option.
  2. If you choose to be in the Lifestages Auto option, we will automatically adjust your allocation between the Lifestages High Growth Fund and the Lifestages Income Fund based on the predetermined exposures for your age group.
  3. If you are saving for your first home we usually recommend that you save via the Lifestages Income Fund. Why? Because this fund is expected to provide greater stability in its returns than the Lifestages High Growth Fund. To select the Lifestages Income Fund​, go to "Select you own investment profile" and select 100% Income Fund.
  4. You can switch your investment profile at any time.

You can create your own investment profile below by selecting from one of the commonly selected investment profile mixes provided for your convenience, or you can select your own investment profile. The commonly selected mixes reflect the combinations used in the Lifestages Auto option for different age ranges.

Verifying your identity

Please supply either your NZ Drivers Licence or your Passport details

NZ Driver's licence

Please provide your Drivers Licence details so we can verify you. Make sure that your name previously entered exactly matches the name shown on your Licence, and that your Licence version and expiry date are entered.

The licence number is printed on your licence under the heading ‘5a’ or ‘Licence’
The version is printed on your licence under the heading ‘5b’ or ‘Version’

NZ passport number

Please provide your New Zealand Passport details so we can verify you. Make sure that your name previously entered exactly matches the name shown on your Passport, and that your expiry date is entered.

Make sure the given name you have entered into the form matches the name shown on your passport

Verifying your address

To help verify your address please provide the number plate of a vehicle registered in your name.

Vehicle Registration

Leave blank if you do not own a vehicle.

Other options


Privacy statement

This form collects personal information about you.

In this privacy policy, the terms "we", "us" and "our" refer to Funds Administration New Zealand Limited ("FANZ") and/or our parent SBS Bank. The information collected will be used by FANZ, and SBS Bank (collectively, the "Bank") for purposes relating to:

  • The administration, operation, management, and marketing of the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme, including but not limited to enabling decisions to be made regarding this form;
  • Accessing any database (including, without limitation, the New Zealand Transport Agency's database of driver licences and the Department of Internal Affair's database of passports) to verify identity information; 
  • Marketing goods and services provided by the Bank and its assignees or subsidiaries; 
  • Communicating with you, including by way of email and other electronic or social media means, in connection with administering, financing, insuring or enforcing your accounts and any other product or service provided by the Bank to you;
  • Providing you with customer support; or
  • Enabling any party involved in your investments with us to discharge their respective administrative and regulatory obligations.

By completing this form you authorise us to access any of your contact details that may be held by SBS Bank. Personal information is collected and stored by the Bank or its agents. We will take reasonable steps to protect personal information that is held by us from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Your information will be held by the Bank at the address set out in the current Product Disclosure Statement for the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme, and may be disclosed:

  • To Trustees Executors Limited ("Supervisor");
  • To your adviser and any other person we recognise as having an interest in your investments with us;
  • To related companies of FANZ, including SBS Bank and its subsidiaries or any assignees or potential assignees;
  • To Inland Revenue;
  • Where required by law;
  • As otherwise authorised by you; or
  • Where relevant for any of the purposes above.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties except in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and as set out in this privacy policy.

We are bound by, and comply with, the Privacy Act 2020. Under the Privacy Act 2020, you have the right to access and to request correction of any personal information about you held by the Bank and/or the Supervisor.

You may request access to, or correction of, any personal information we hold about you by emailing our privacy officer at or, if you have an account login, by using a facility on the website that allows you to access and correct personal information we hold about you. To ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and current, please notify us of any changes to such information as soon as possible.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to alter this privacy policy at any time. Changes to this privacy policy will take effect immediately once they are published on the Bank's website.


You must read the Privacy Statement before you can agree to it

Investor declaration

  1. I am eligible to join the Scheme and I wish to apply for membership of the Scheme on the basis set out in the current PDS for the Scheme;
  2. I agree to be bound by the provisions of the Scheme's trust deed and by the requirements of the KiwiSaver Act 2006 and any regulations or notices promulgated under that Act;
  3. I have received a copy of the current PDS for the Scheme and have read it in full;
  4. I understand that units will only be allocated for a contribution or other amount received effective on the valuation date when the relevant amount is received by FANZ, and understand that contributions made through Inland Revenue may be subject to delay before receipt by FANZ;
  5. I acknowledge that neither the Supervisor, FANZ, SBS Bank or any other person will be liable to me for any loss as a consequence of my choice of investment strategy, my choice to invest through the Lifestages Auto option, or any choice of investment strategy I make in the future, and that my investment in the Scheme is not guaranteed by any person;
  6. I acknowledge that FANZ's sole obligation with respect to contributions made to the Scheme by or in respect of me is to apply the contributions received in accordance with the trust deed for the Scheme and the KiwiSaver Act 2006, that there is no contractual arrangement between my employer(s) (if any) and FANZ as to the payment of employer contributions, and that FANZ are under no obligation to verify the appropriateness of the amount of any contribution received;
  7. I have read the information set out above under the heading "Privacy" and authorise the use of my personal information in the manner set out under that heading;
  8. I acknowledge that my investment in the Scheme is subject to fees and charges, as set out in the current PDS for the Scheme (or as subsequently varied);
  9. I declare that all the information contained in this form is true and correct and acknowledge responsibility for its accuracy whether the information was written by me or another person;
  10. I understand that where I have invested in both investment funds, values may change at a different rate. I also understand that FANZ will automatically rebalance my allocations between investment funds back to my selected investment profile on an annual basis and I authorise FANZ to undertake such rebalancing;
  11. I understand that where I have invested in the Lifestages Auto option FANZ will automatically adjust my allocation between investment funds based on predetermined exposures for my age group, and I authorise FANZ to make such adjustments. I also understand that FANZ may change the Lifestages Auto option age ranges and fund exposures at any time. If this occurs, my allocations will be adjusted accordingly;
  12. I understand that if I do not select a fund, a combination of both funds, or the Lifestages Auto option my contributions will be invested in the Lifestages Age Auto option (the Scheme’s default option);
  13. I acknowledge that investments in the Scheme do not constitute bank deposits or liabilities of SBS Bank and that SBS Bank does not stand behind the capital value and performance of the securities;
  14. By supplying my email address, I consent to receiving all forms of communication from FANZ or the Supervisor regarding the Scheme via email. This will include investment updates, transaction statements, annual PIE tax statements, personalised statements and news of investor events. I also consent to receiving a web link (World Wide Web uniform resource locater ("URL")) for access to electronic copies of the Scheme's annual report; and
  15. I authorise and consent to FANZ accessing my details on any electronic or physical database (including, without limitation, the New Zealand Transport Agency's database of driver licences and the Department of Internal Affairs database of passports) for the purpose of verifying any identity information I have provided as required by this Form.
You must read the Investor Declaration before you can agree to it
(Note - this is the document you downloaded at the start of this form)