Covid-19 Significant Financial Hardship

Covid-19 Significant Financial Hardship
Click here to access the Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal COVID-19 form.

Notes for Completing Statutory declaration and Identification documents
SBS staff cannot take statutory declarations. A solicitor, Justice of the Peace or Registrar of a New Zealand Court can take this statutory declaration for you.

In light of COVID – 19, you may be in self-isolation. The Statutory declaration is generally signed before an authorised witness.

In this instance, statutory declarations may be completed and witnessed through a video call as long as both counterparts to the form are forwarded to us. The New Zealand Law Society has a framework that must be used by lawyers to take your Statutory Declaration in this situation. There may be other methods of taking the statutory declaration.

If you are having difficulties finding someone to witness your statutory declaration or certify your identification documents, please contact us at and specify you wish to use this service and we will arrange for a solicitor to attend to these matters at no cost to you.

Take a photo of your current Passport (pages showing your photo and signature) or Drivers Licence (front and back) and attach to your email. In addition attach an approved address document (e.g. bank statement, power bill) showing your physical address (dated no less than the past 12 months). We will use these documents to identify you and the Solicitor we arrange will ask you to produce the same documents when they contact you.