Who are we?

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Who is FANZ Private Wealth?

FANZ Private Wealth was established in July 2002. It is an operating division of Funds Administration New Zealand Limited, a subsidiary of SBS Bank (SBS Bank has been working with New Zealanders since 1869 and is a registered bank). As at the 1st March 2017 FANZ managed over $1.1 billion for more than 18,000 New Zealanders. It manages a KiwiSaver Scheme called the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme that has over 17,000 members.


What do we do?

In an uncertain world, we focus on providing investment solutions that take a stable, long term view. We plan, implement and monitor investment strategies and can assist with income management. We take a personal approach with each and every investor, tailoring a range of investment options to meet their unique needs and goals. With a strong philosophy and years of proven experience, we can help you to protect and grow your wealth, while enjoying the benefits of your hard-earned investments.


Why was FANZ Private Wealth created?

SBS Bank began its first foray into the medium and long term investment business with the creation of the SBS Capital Stable Fund. This award winning fund was created in 1992 and established an investment approach that was focused on protecting investors’ wealth. The fund is now closed, but its investment philosophy continues in the Lifestages Capital Stable Portfolio within the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme which is operated by FANZ. This investment heritage has been built on with the introduction of FANZ Private Wealth. FANZ Private Wealth was formed because it was clear that to help serve SBS Bank’s members' needs a team of specialists offering a wide range of investment options was required.