What are my investment options?

What investments do we offer?

We offer a range of investment offerings and services that are designed to meet investor’s long term capital and income objectives. We recognise that investors today need to invest in a variety of different asset classes such as shares (Australasian and International, fixed interest, property and cash). We provide investors with a range of investment offerings that will combine these investments in a diversified portfolio that will meet the investments needs of their current life stage. These investments may include KiwiSaver via the Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme or our tailored portfolios which may include direct bonds, shares and managed funds that are offered by our team of Authorised Financial Advisers at FANZ Private Wealth.
Our investment offerings are designed to meet investors’ needs you have more than a three year investment time horizon.


Whether you are an investor in one of our Lifestages Funds or an investor via our tailored portfolios your money is held by an independent third party. With respect to the Lifestages Funds your money is held by Trustees Executors Limited, New Zealand’s largest and oldest corporate trustee. The investments in our tailored portfolios are held by Investment Custodian Services Limited, a subsidiary of SBS Bank Limited. FANZ does not have access to your funds as these parties hold your investments in trust for each investor.