Our services

Who can benefit?

Having the tools to do the job today is not enough. Our belief is that you cannot have effective asset management without understanding the goals and aspirations of investors. We spend time with our clients to understand what is important to them and then design a personalised set of recommendations aimed at achieving their goals. We also provide investment solutions for a wide range of investors such as trustees and professional firms.

We offer advice on:

  • Designing, implementing and monitoring investment portfolios
  • Unit trust investments
  • KiwiSaver
  • Retirement cash flow analysis and planning

 We offer... Sophisticated portfolio solutions covering the following:

  • A range of fixed interest options including term deposits and corporate debt
  • Cash and term deposit PIE investments
  • New Zealand and Australian unit trusts
  • New Zealand and international shares

If you’re like a lot of people, you know that a sum of money represents more than just a number. It represents a means to doing all the things you’ve always dreamed of. And that’s only fair considering the challenges you’ve overcome and the goals you’ve achieved. Our philosophy works on the premise that you’ve worked hard enough to get to where you are today; now is the time to enjoy it.

When giving advice, we follow a seven step process:

  1. Establish the client/adviser relationship
  2. Gather client data and determine client goals and expectations
  3. Analyse and evaluate the client’s position
  4. Develop and present written advice
  5. Oversee the implementation of written advice
  6. Monitor and review on an on-going basis
  7. Work with investors introduced to us by existing clients