How we work with you

After establishing an initial contact we will then conduct a series of meetings with a prospective client before advice is finalised. We also maintain a close on-going relationship with clients, regularly reviewing progress and working with them over time to ensure their goals can be met.

Our advice will take account of your financial situation, financial needs, financial goals and tolerance for risk. It will be clear and concise, with enough detail for you to make an informed decision about whether to act on it.

At FANZ Private Wealth, we pride ourselves on the quality of the advice we provide our clients. You can be confident that any investment portfolio we recommend is suitable for you, based on what we know about you and the extent of funds you have asked us to advise on. However, we are not financial planners. We do not provide ‘investment planning services’ (as defined at law), in terms of analysing your current and future overall financial situation and goals. It is important you keep this limitation of our services in mind when considering our advice.

Our style

We seek to design portfolios that have a multi-manager, multi-style investment approach. We also take a ‘safety first’ approach in portfolio construction and seek to avoid risk not commensurate with the expected return of each portfolio.

How we structure portfolios

A key concern for us is to ensure that the portfolio we construct and maintain is suitable for you. When we design a portfolio for you, we will take into account all you have told us about your financial situation, financial needs, financial goals, tolerance for risk and other requirements. From time to time we will check with you to ensure that we have an up-to-date understanding of these considerations when managing your portfolio. However, it is important that you let us know if anything changes, or if you have not told us about anything that might be relevant to your portfolio design: our ability to design a portfolio to meet your requirements is only as good as the information you provide. 

We also provide regular reporting to investors so you can keep track of what is happening with your Portfolio.

We build portfolios that have the following characteristics:

1. Diversification across asset classes in optimised portfolios.

2. High quality cash and corporate debt fixed interest investments.

3. A ‘best of breed’ multi-manager, multi-style investment approach. We seek to build portfolios that access a range of investment managers with different investment styles and approaches. This may include both direct assets and managed funds.

4. A strategic currency hedge on any international equity exposure to try to reduce portfolio risk.

5. We aim to keep buy and sell decisions to a minimum as we believe excessive trading is detrimental to the interests of investors as it raises costs and can increase the risk of underperforming the market.


FANZ Private Wealth provides a comprehensive reporting programme via our portfolio service.

This currently includes:

  • Portfolio valuation reports and asset allocation statements (six monthly)
  • Cash account transaction summaries
  • Income statements
  • Annual tax statements (to IRD prepared formats)
  • Interim portfolio reports are also available on an as and when required basis.

We recommend that all investors have an annual review to check on how their portfolio is meeting their needs, and to update us on any changes in those needs.